Sabine Faress

Creative English Copywriter and Strategist 

Who's Sabine?

If I had to tell you everything my favorite book has taught me, we’d be sitting on a rooftop at three in the morning talking for hours. But if I had to sum up what I learned from Dead Poets Society in a couple of words, I’d say, "No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." 

───── ❝ 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐞 ❞ ─────

In simple words, I'm a writer. In detailed ones, I'm a rebellious soul with a zest for unconventionality and a passion for the unexpected. 

I don’t believe in mundanity; I’d much rather chase what’s perceived as “impossible” and find ways to make it happen, aiming to create resonating stories and provide memorable experiences.

In a sea of creative voices, I strive to elevate any brand I work with and make its unique voice reverberate the loudest.

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My Background

Academic Background:

  • An International Business graduate from the Lebanese American University with a 3.89 CGPA / 3.95 MGPA
  • A member of the international business honor society for the elite in business, Beta Gamma Sigma

Professional Background:

  • Demonstrated experience in Public Relations and Communications, Marketing, and Advertising at leading agencies and MNCs
  • Notable agencies I've previously worked with include Wunderman Thompson MENA, Hill and Knowlton Strategies METIA, BBDO UAE, FP7 McCann KSA
  • Experience in copywriting and content writing for various brands across the Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, UAE, and KSA)

Notable Brands:

|| Government

UNICEF, EU, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre

|| Non-governmental organization

Arab Thought Foundation

|| Financial Institutions 

Bank al Etihad, Al Rajhi Bank, Sohar International, Abu Dhabi Global Market, Commercial Bank of Dubai

|| Stock and Trading

Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange [ADX], Saudi Stock Exchange [Tadawul], CPT International

|| Telecommunications

Umniah, Jawwy, Salam, Touch Lebanon 

|| Health

Roche MENA, Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital UAE, Dubai Health Experience

|| Automotive

Al Jazirah Vehicles (McLaren, Ford, Polaris, Lincoln, Quick Lane, Indian Motorcycles)

|| Entertainment


|| Sports

Sports for All Federation KSA, Gov Games Dubai

|| Art

Marsoum Art Collective

|| Creative

Culture Summit Abu Dhabi, International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries

|| Logistics


|| Other

ABC Lebanon, Swash France, RAI FIRM UAE, Dubai Project Management Forum

Please refer to my cv to learn more about my background. My LinkedIn account also includes recommendations from my previous employers that might interest you.


"Sabine is a stellar English copywriter with a unique approach to storytelling." 

Zeina Al-Ghoul

Public Relations Professional

"Sabine expertly filled the copywriter position to help us implement our content strategy through our blog. Within a short period of time, Sabine was able to adapt to our tone of voice and guidelines to create grabbing blog posts and PR content that increased our blog traffic by x2."

Jawanna Sawalha

Senior Content Manager at Bank al Etihad

"You rarely come across a standout talented writer who is a real mover and shaker! I worked with Sabine at FP7 RUH for a short time, but it was more than enough to prove what kind of capabilities she has!"

Hosam Mubarak

Head Copywriter at FP7 McCann Riyadh

"Sabine is a gifted copywriter with an exceptional work ethic and timeliness that is hard to encounter these days. I've been working with Sabine for several months, and she has rapidly become my go-to collaborator for a wide range of copywriting solutions across a spectrum of topics."

Abdulah Al-Ghoul

Digital Marketer, Strategist, and Founder of Marsoum Art Collective 

"From the very first day, Sabine proved how rare it is that you meet someone that brings their passion, confidence, and above all, talent in the most natural way!"

Manal Mohsen

Head Copywriter at Wunderman Thompson & Hill+Knowlton Strategies 

"Sabine has a natural flair for writing. She is a lovely person to work with, and I am certain she will be a great fit for any brand and team."

Nicole Correia

Account Manager at Impact Proximity/BBDO UAE

"Sabine is a writer by heart. Her passion and discipline dictate her attitude at work; she is a real talent."

Maggie El Eid

Senior Account Executive at Hill+Knowlton Strategies KSA

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Now that you've gotten an idea about who I am and how I write, drop any query on your mind below! 

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